Kolor Paints

Kolor Paints, our franchise paint product, is formulated using latest Italian techniques and ingredients for anti-fading and anti-fungi effects, in varied and even customized colour offerings. As professional artisans making constant use of house finishing, and especially paint products, we had come to know the nature of good paints; that knowledge is part of what makes Kolor Paints different.

We pride in turnkey projects
We pride in turnkey projects

Kolor Paints come in Texcote, Gravitex, Matt, and Emulsion textures. Our Emulsion caters to different market categories in different specifications to give users a wide space for choice.

Kolor Classic Emulsion

Our Kolor Classic Emulsion, boasting yet our trademark quality standard in terms of heat resistance, quick drying, and a good binding profile, is formulated mostly for internal application and for cost-effective finishing demands.

Kolor Deluxe Emulsion

Kolor Deluxe Emulsion guarantees even better coverage of up to 3m2 per litre on primed walls. Suited for internal and external use, it has the added value of higher colour fidelity, brighter whites, and stronger anti-weather and anti-fungi fortification.

Kolor Premium Emulsion

Our wear-resistant, easy-to-clean, environmentally-friendly Kolor Premium Emulsion is remarkable for improved aesthetics and better coverage, added to its content of our basic quality credentials. It is ideal for both internal and external application.

Kolor Supreme Emulsion

Kolor Supreme Emulsion is a high-end product summarizing quality and great value. It comes in conventional Emulsion, KolorMatt Emulsion, and SATIN, for guaranteed anti-weather potential, impressive spread, good opacity, utmost durability, and stop-and-look beauty.

Textured Coatings

Our textured coatings include Kolortex, formulated for rich spread; Kolormatt Anti-weather, with very light texture; and Gravitex, for excellent weather shield and glamour.